Adapting to New Routines One Lego Set at a Time

Many families and kids had to adapt to new routines due to the public health crisis. New routines also meant new ways to provide social, emotional, and academic supports. Schools across the country shut down and switched to virtual learning, and kids and families were trying to find ways to keep busy. Don’t Sit Out, a program of the Maidez center based in Monroe and Randolph counties, was able to provide families in Southwestern Illinois with brand-new Lego sets. The donation of these Lego sets helped a family with a son, who was struggling with virtual learning and a new routine, find some solace and a sense of normalcy amid the uncertainty and chaos of the pandemic. “All of the receiving families are very grateful to get something sent to them that they can do that is not a screen, not a tablet, not a phone, but something that they can sit and do at the kitchen table as a family together,” said Tom Springborn from the ‘Don’t Sit Out’ program.


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